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Vegetable Ghee 800G

Vegetable Ghee 800G

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Hollarise vegetable ghee is high-quality non-hydrogenated ghee that does not contain genetically modified materials. It is low-cholesterol fattening made from vegetable oils. Therefore, it is a good option for people with high cholesterol. This type of ghee is distinguished by its unique taste and high quality.



 Product Features:

Manufactured and packed with modern international technologies.

An alternative to cooking oil is free from salt and lactose and therefore does not cause sensitivity to lactose-sensitive people.

A rich source of some natural vitamins, including A – D – E. Good source of energy.



The most common use of margarine is for sweets. It is also used to prepare main dishes.

How to use:

Use one or more teaspoons (about 6ml or more) of Vegetable ghee for baking or cooking foods.

Add an appropriate amount “as desired” of Vegetable ghee for sweets and enjoy the original taste and the luxurious taste.


To all-natural Vegetable ghee lovers, “Try this product” from Hollarise and you will repeat this experience over and over again.


Product. Characteristics


vegetable fat Moisture Melting Point
99,09% max. 0.1% 38-42°C

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Weight .8 kg


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